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How A Unique Piece is Created

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From hoop to dream catcher

I use a variety of materials. Different size hoops, half inch, 3" upward. 

Materials for hoops are metal, wood, willow and rattan.

Varying coloured embroidery threads or garden twine for more rustic effect.

"Tails" as I call them, are the feathers or lace or ribbon or combination.

Every dream catcher has a bead that represents grandmother spider. I guess she's a bit of a trade mark! 

Charms and crystals are also available.

So you see, when you purchase an Angel Fay dream Catcher it really is enchanted and magical because you put the intention of creation into it!

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Once the hoop is created, the weaving of the web is next. There are many colours to choose from, such as matt, silky, sparkly or rustic, to compliment your hoop. Spacing of the web indicates how intricate the web will be. During weaving a bead or beads can be put in place.

#Angelfay baby christening naming gift
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... To End Result!

There's a lot that goes into creating your perfect gift. I ask lots if questions. I start off inviting you to a consultation here at my home or by Skype. I keep in contact fairly often, giving you updates and pictures of how your dream catcher is progressing. So that if you wanted to make a change there is time to do so. It's a bit more difficult once the web is complete!

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