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A Personal Approach

As tradition goes, brides carry horseshoes, so why not a dream Catcher? 
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Dream catchers have been an inspiration of mine for many years. I have taken time to learn of their history. 

Hand crafted

Angel Fay living succulent dream catcher 
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All dream catchers are hand made! A mix of natural materials, ideas and love create a stunning piece. They will be unique.

Something for all Occasions

I can work with your florist to create stunning catchers to enhance any wedding or occasion. #Angelf

Beautifully handcrafted Dream catchers to enhance your special day. Whether in your decor, bridesmaids gifts or venue, dream catchers can certainly add magic!

Angels & Dream Catchers

Where it all began!

"Angels & Dream catchers just don't go together!" Maybe not, but they do for me and this is my story. I'm not going to get totally spiritual with you but this is a spiritual journey.

Magic and mystery, traditions and stories have been a huge part of my childhood. So, its only natural that my hands and my heart wish to create something pure and intentional.

In my later years I had a notion that I needed to attend an angel workshop. I just wanted to learn more about what them...suddenly found myself on an Angelic Reiki Course, training as a therapist! That was back in March 2004. By October 2004 I became a qualified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher! And Fayngels was born. Short version - Angelic Reiki is a hands on healing system. An energy healing session whereby the practitioner becomes a bridge for the angelic energies. Far fetched! Try it. Its totally amazing! Works on all aspects of the body - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

During a very dark time in my life, the Black Dog (depression) came barking, hard and strong. It was during this time that I re-learnt about myself. It was an awful time. The mind had shut down completely. I thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome! 

It was during this time that I learnt how to look after myself properly, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I returned to things that I truly loved doing. Craft was and now is a passion again.

I've seen dream catchers around for an age. Mostly mass produced in gift shops whilst on holiday with family. Always admired them, didn't know much about them either. Many years later a friend ran a workshop. I had to go. I needed to and wanted to know how to create one. That was it then..I'd been caught by a dream catcher!

When I began making them at home I felt a deeper connection and the need to know more. It felt important to me. Dream catchers are not a gimmick. They are real and have a wonderful purpose. In short, they capture the bad dreams, the good dreams know their way through the web and slide down the feathers back to the dreamer, therefore promoting a good nights sleep. In the morning, as the sun rises, the captured dreams are burnt by the rays of the sun.

I have a wonderful children's story that had been created and enhanced about Grandmother Spider, the elements and a troubled tribe going into the on-line shop sometime.

I have a great respect for the tribes. Their history and culture of the First Peoples. So much so that I had to check with a dear friend of mine, Anthony Two Eagles, for his advice. When I create a dream catcher, no matter what it is for, there is always good intention set into its making. This how angels and dream catchers are together. Their energies work through me to get to you.

Here is a dedication written by Anthony Two Eagles...

Fay Angels -  DreamCatchers

"For literally thousands of years people all over the world in every culture have been using amulets, charms, touchstones and the like to bring them good fortune & to protect them from harm. In Native American culture, especially among the Plains people there exist one such object known as The Dreamcatcher. The true history and orgins would require almost a book to be written to encapsulate its full purpose, history & meaning. However, briefly put, it catches the good energy and allows the bad energy to pass thru the web. In some Tribes they are gifted to the Bride & Groom to bring prosperity. 

In the last 30 years or so they have moved out the realm of ritual and became popular as a decorative object and, in some cases, have also become an accepted form of protective amulet. Some say it is dis-honoring The Sacred whilst others,like myself, feel it is acceptable to be used and/or gifted provided the one making The Dreamcatcher does so with the right Spiritual intent.  That is the key element. Without that it is just a meaningless object - pretty perhaps, but meaningless.    

I have known Fay for some years and made ceremony & ritual with her at several Gatherings. Therefore, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her fine work and indeed wholeheartedly vouch for and support her intent as she painstaking creates each piece. She is, to coin a phrase, "the real deal". 


Anthony Two Eagles -  Speaker & Author 

CEO Fay Jellis, Angel Fay Enchanted Dream Catchers. Logo. Anthony Two Eagles

CEO Fay Jellis, Angel Fay Enchanted Dream Catchers. Logo. Anthony Two Eagles