Catching dreams in Langford, Bedfordshire

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Dream Catcher History

What I have learned & wish to share

The dream catcher was made from a willow circle. The circle representing the circle of life. 

The were made and given when a new baby was born into the tribe.

They were hung in the lodge above the crib.

Natural materials were used such as branches, animal, sinew, wool, leather, stones, beads and feathers. These would have been sacred items. 

Traditionally dream catchers were small only a few inches in diameter. Its the modern world these days that make them elaborate and bigger in size.

The Ojibwe tribe believe that the good dreams knew the way through the catcher to the sleeper below. The bad dreams would be caught and dispersed in the morning light.

Other tribes, like the Lakota, believe the good dreams and ideas were caught and kept to be remembered and the bad ones would float away.

There is so much more that I would like to know and I hope to find more time to study the ways as part of my journey.

On another note, making dream catchers has helped me mentally. As an art or craft therapy, I find that because I am focused in the moment, my mind and thoughts become much calmer and sometimes solutions arise. 

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There are wonderful and interesting facts and stories that are worth looking up and reading.

I have a great respect for the Native Indian tribes. I feel and wonder at times if they think that we misuse their history or culture. 

When I create a dream catcher I am thankful of the knowledge I know and I have a passion for others to know the right thing. 

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